16 MayLearn Smart Pakistan – 4th Annual Award Ceremony

Knowledge Platform held its 4th annual awards ceremony for the Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP) challenges at Hotel Margala, Islamabad. The event was organized to celebrate the successes of winners of last year’s challenges. Our honourable chief guests, Hasnat Qureshi, Director General at Federal Directorate of Education and Chairman at Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA), Barkan Saeed, Chairman Pakistan Association for Software Houses (P@SHA) and Saqib Shahab, Director Schools of Federal Directorate of Education, were present at the event. This year’s award ceremony was for the 64 winners and 28 runners-up from 2017’s summer, fall and winter challenges. Winners were awarded tablets, whereas the runners up were given ‘Shields of Recognition’ for their participation. The ceremony began with a welcome […]


12 AprIn Conversation with Rahila Malik

The picture above depicts a typical school day at IMSG Upran Gohra, Sihala. Every morning, students sit outside in the dirt strewn school ground, and attend classes. It is a makeshift arrangement for faculty and students as the school building undergoes major renovations. Most of the classrooms have been stripped of furniture, broken windows are yet to be repaired, and the floors have been taken apart. Lack of classroom space, the inconvenience of changing room assignments and schedules, and the constant disturbance caused by ongoing construction have adversely impacted the daily school activities and the instructional process to a certain extent. In October 2017, Knowledge Platform rolled out Learn Smart Classroom at IMSG Upran Gohra, one of seventy-five implementations of […]


10 AprNew Beginnings, Endless Possibilities

“I am truly grateful to be a part of the teacher training organized by the Jazz Smart Schools. As an educator, I found the sessions to be invaluable sources of encouragement, inspiration, and learning. The training sessions taught me to consciously shift my pedagogy from a traditional, teacher-centred, pencil and paper approach, to one that is interactive, and focused on creating a technology embedded, connected classroom”, said Sadaf Zareen. Sadaf Zareen is a 44-year-old teacher whose love for teaching led her to pursue a master’s degree in education. She has been teaching at IMSG, G-10/3 since the last 21 years. The school is housed in a beautiful building, located in an urban sector of Islamabad, where many public and private […]


22 MarThe Education You Want, The Attention You Deserve

Sumaira Hameed is a 34-year-old teacher from a small rural town just outside Islamabad. Located about three miles northwest of Islamabad, Tarnol is a town of stone crushers and traders in heavy machinery. The work is manual, physical, mostly heavy labour, which means that education is a low priority amongst the residents. As a teacher in IMCG Bhadana Kalan, She has been struggling to overcome her students’ apathy towards education for 12 years. The girls from the area are conditioned at a young age to aim for a good marriage, so the drop-out rate in the school is high. If they remain in school, the girls either lack ambition or are completely uninspired by traditional education methods. Sumaira, whose love […]


28 JanWhat We Talk About When We Talk About Pitching to Investors

Companies, like people, have visions and resolutions in place at the beginning of a new year. Like an individual trying to become healthier and happier, we too set new targets and think about achievable milestones and goals. This year, with the aid of a grant from Ilm Ideas 2, an education innovation programme funded by UK Aid from the Department for International Development, Knowledge Platform will be setting up digital learning centres in 200 low-cost private schools across Pakistan. These centres will be equipped with our blended learning solution—Learn Smart Classroom—that caters to middle and high school students. So how will we achieve the goal of implementing 200 low-cost private schools in 2018? On 4 January 2018, as the rest of […]


26 JanGovernment Officials from CADD and FDE praise the Jazz Smart Schools Programme

Islamabad, January 25, 2018 – On Thursday, January 25th 2018 officials from the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) visited IMCG G-10/1 in Islamabad. The visit took place so officials could witness Knowledge Platform’s blended learning solution which has been implemented in 75 all-girls public schools across Islamabad under the Jazz Smart Schools project. The solution, complete with hardware, curriculum-aligned content and clickers in 75 all-girls schools is now being used across Pakistan. Jazz, Pakistan’s largest telecommunications provider, is the Programme Sponsor and the  Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) are Programme Partners. The Director General of FDE, Hasnat Qureshi, was present for the solution demonstration. He was […]

15 DecIMSG G-11/1 & Jazz Smart Schools: A Photo Essay

Islamabad Model School for Girls (IMSG) G-11/1 is housed in a beautiful school building. The entrance is reminiscent of castles, the grounds are large and spacious, the students are bright in blue and white uniforms. We’re there to witness a class in one of the school’s newly set up digital learning centers under the Jazz Smart School Program*. Under the umbrella of the program, Digital learning centres have been set up in 75 all-girls public high school across Pakistan. The centers are equipped with a laptop fully loaded with Knowledge Platform’s curriculum-aligned content and clicker based assessments. This morning, the students appear a little nervous. This is because they’ve been told teams from the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and […]

9 Oct1st Education Mela in Nilore, Islamabad

On Saturday, 7 October 2017 Knowledge Platform hosted an Education Mela with the support of Al-Farabi Islamic School and Degree College in Nilore, Islamabad. Our team arrived at Al-Farabi school early in the morning to finalise arrangements with the school management. As always, Principal Iftikhar Ali Janjua was a gracious host and the strongest champion of Knowledge Platform’s Learn Smart Classroom. The Mela would not have been possible without Principal Iftikhar’s usual enthusiasm and support. Principals from low-income schools started arriving at 9:30 am along with teachers and Heads of Campuses. In total more than 45 principals and teachers were in attendance. It was heartening to see the existing camaraderie between school heads. It was clear they were joined in the […]

21 SepIMSG F-7/2 loves #JazzSmartSchools Classrooms

Knowledge Platform partners with Jazz to bring blended learning to girls’ schools This morning, our team headed out at 7am to Islamabad Model School for Girls in F-7/2. We were there to witness the Jazz Smart Schools project in action, along with the amazing team at Jazz including Ali Naseer (Chief Regulatory Officer), Ali Ibrahim (Head Corporate Responsibility), Anjum Rehman (Head of Communications and Sustainability), Arslan Naseer (Assistant Manager, Corporate Communication) & Zara Atiq (Internal Communications Executive). At the school, we first met the very excited Ma’am Robina Yusuf (Mathematics teacher extraordinaire) and the Principal of the school Ma’am Sadia Adnan inside the brand new Digital Learning Center established by Knowledge Platform and Jazz. Over the course of the next two […]


18 MayLSP 3rd Annual Education Forum

Islamabad – On Wednesday May 17 2017 Knowledge Platform hosted the Learn Smart Pakistan 3rd Annual Education Forum to celebrate the successes and stories of Learn Smart Pakistan and to discuss the Future of Learning. The Forum was divided into 2 Sessions. Session I discussed and examined the Future of Learning especially in relation to the K-12 curriculum, and the role of digital learning in the Pakistani context. It brought together some of the leading authorities in Pakistan’s education sector including Mr. Yusuf Hussain (CEO National ICT R&D Fund), Mosharraf Zaidi (Campaign Director, Alif Ailaan), Judith Herbertson (Deputy Head, DFID Pakistan), Athar Osama (Ministry of Planning and Commission) and Baela Raza Jamil (CEO, Idara-e-Taleem o Aagahi). During Session I, a […]


17 AprEmployee Spotlight: Muhammad Tayyab Asghar

  It takes weeks to get Muhammad Tayyab Asghar to sit down for an interview. Initially we chalk this up to a certain strain of modesty but when he finally consents to talking about himself it is immediately apparent why the delay occurred. Tayyab is quietly brilliant and genuinely focused on his work. He is, it is clear, not a man who gives his time to something unless he can give it his complete and utter focus. This is why he is the perfect fit for Technology Manager at Knowledge Platform, a designation that requires him to continuously develop and implement new products. He is also the one of the main people driving the development of Ultrabot 10, one of […]


31 JanKP’s Revision Tactics 101

We’ve all been there. So we know what it feels like. It feels like all eyes are you. Your parents are closely monitoring your TV and internet intake. Your teachers are telling you how important these exams are. Your friends are practically buried under a fort of course books. LSP suddenly has past papers. Everywhere you look, you’re bombarded with this message: You HAVE to do well in these exams. Well we’re here to help. These tips will show you how to make productive use of your time while also making sure you stay healthy and relatively relaxed. If you have some tips of your own, be sure to write to us on our LSP Facebook Community page. 1. Devise […]

2 NovA Day in the Life of a Class 10 Student

The Fall Challenge has now ended. However, we’re so pleased by the relationships we’ve built with participants through LSP that we wanted to continue on in the spirit of community discussion. This week, Class 10 Siddeeq Public School student and LSP 2015 and 2016 (Summer Challenge) winner Yusra Nadir walks us all through a ‘Day in her Life’, which includes TV, studying, sleeping and praying.  Thanks Yusra for this blog post!  CHILL, YOU GOT THIS By Yusra Nadir Teachers, students and the parents of students have been questioning me on my study routine, my time table and my memory technique etcetera for years. They always hit me with the same question on every parent teacher conference, every result day, every time […]

19 OctEmployee Spotlight: Sajid Ali Anjum

The Games and Mobile Department sits in a wide, relatively high ceiling-ed room. Wadood Ahmad is at the far end facing the entrance to the room. To his left and right are the other team members. Often, a casual passer-by can see the team swiveling around on their chairs, animatedly talking to each other. Sometimes the Games and Mobile department is dead quiet as everyone works to meet deadlines. Sajid Ali Anjum, it is clear, is an integral part of the team. He has a palpably contagious energy and he seems to be always having fun. In fact you would be hard pressed to find a person more ready to have a laugh than Sajid. As Lead Game Developer, he brings a blend of […]

3 OctLearn Smart Pakistan Fall Challenge

Islamabad, August 30, 2016 – Knowledge Platform, under the umbrella of their Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP) 2016 Program launched its much anticipated Fall Challenge on September 5, 2016. Students and teachers can register at The Challenge is Pakistan’s only digital learning competition and will end on October 30, 2016. 35 Tablets and 20 gift hampers will be awarded to 9th and 10th Class students and teachers participating in the Fall Challenge. Separate prizes have been reserved for private and public school students in order to level disparities between private and public schools. About LSP: Learn Smart Pakistan 2016 is a year-long digital series of Challenges. The Summer Challenge was launched on May 18 2016 and ended on June 30 […]


22 SepLetters to My Future Self

Editor’s note: This week, as part of a task that would help us choose Learn Smart Pakistan Ambassadors, we asked LSP participants to write letters to their future 30 year old selves. The idea was to pick the writers of the best two letters as our Ambassadors.  The deadline for the task ended yesterday at noon. However, we are continuing to receive notes from students and can safely say: they’re absolutely amazing.  These letters talk about religion, parents, Angeline Jolie, the fear of failure, marriage, independence, the need for acceptance, the desire to fit in. They remind us why its useful (from time to time) to wear our hearts on our sleeves and hope for the best.   What follows this small […]

29 AugEmployee Spotlight: Boredin Saengtuksin

An email from Boredin Saengtuksin is (like the man) always three things: to the point, clear and timely. As the Academic Director of Science and Math, Boredin plays a central role in analysing curriculum requirements, developing content, and delivering products to clients. He leads from the front and is good at it. Projects under him run smoothly, a deadline is never missed. We’re all a little in awe of him which is why it’s hard to get to know the real man behind all the work. Boredin has a Bachelors and a Masters in Physics from the National University of Singapore (NUS). These days, he is based in Singapore so he communicates via Skype with a lot of us. This […]


4 AugTwo Sides of the Same Coin

This week, we present a Guest Blog Post by a Learn Smart Pakistan 2015 and 2016 participant. Arooj Usmani currently studies at I.M.C.G Korang Town in Class 10. She participated in Learn Smart Pakistan 2015 but did not make the final list of Winners. This year Arooj has won the Learn Smart Pakistan Summer Challenge 2016 Greatest Online Effort Award. Her interests and hobbies include computing, calligraphy and making others happy. Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I am writing to talk a little bit about my experience with the Learn Smart Pakistan 2016 Summer Challenge. But before I do that, I want to write a little about failure. A normal part of any student’s life is taking […]

25 JulLearn Smart Pakistan 2016 Winners and Runners Up

We said we would and we did! The winner lists for the Summer Challenge (Read a short summary about the Summer Challenge here) are now up on our Facebook page. We’ve also posted them below. Many congratulations to all the winners. Outstanding Student Award Muhammad Abeer from SLS Montessori & School G-11/4, Islamabad was one of the top five students for both the English and Math Contest. He will be receiving a shield for his performance. Congratulations Abeer! We’re sure your school and family is very proud! Champion School Many congratulations to the Summer Challenge’s Champion School, Siddeeq Public School!  More than 400 students and teachers participated from Siddeeq Public School. 70 students qualified as finalists. That’s what we call team […]

22 JulThe LSP Summer Challenge Army

On June 30, 2016 Learn Smart Pakistan’s Summer Challenge came to a close. The Challenge had started on May 18. By the closing date, more than 3000 students and teachers were engaged with the LSP app, the Facebook community had close to 4000 members and students were frantically trying to gain proficiency badges and improve their accuracy. To say it was a success would be accurate but not enough to describe exactly what transpired over the past month and a half. Students became friends through LSP and these friendships transcended the application into that most elusive of places: the real world. For one of the Bonus Rounds, students were asked to produce videos, instructing their fellow students on an educational […]

23 JunEmployee Spotlight: Adeela Kanwal

A new employee at Knowledge Platform often hears the words, “Check with Adeela.” The person in question is the self-assured Content Management Lead. A mini orientation with her entails a meeting in an empty conference room where Adeela patiently sets up her laptop. What follows is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Adeela pulls up Excel sheets by the dozen. This would be confusing to a new-comer, but she also comes armed with the patience to explain each row and column. She writes down formulas and runs through the taxonomies of education. At one point, she even brings out a real-life text book and points to a passage in question. “See,” she says, “We just convert it into virtual content.” In addition […]

9 JunEnthusiastic Students, School Announcements and Bonus Rounds

On 27 May 2016 we announced the rules for the weekly Bonus Round for our Learn Smart Pakistan Facebook Community. The instructions for the round were pretty simple. We merely asked students who were participating in Learn Smart Pakistan 2016 to tap into their networks and ask their friends and classmates to sign up. The student who initiated the most sign-ups would win a gift hamper full of goodies (including a Knowledge Platform mug!). We ended the Bonus Round after a weekend. Much to our delight, it took much longer than anticipated to calculate the amount of new sign ups. In two days around fifty new students had registered for the challenge! Though many students had participated, the winner of […]

27 MayKnowledge Platform Celebrates the Launch of LSP

Innovation in Teaching and Learning  On 18 May, 2016, Knowledge Platform launched Learn Smart Pakistan. You can read about the learning platform in our Press Release here. This year Learn Smart Pakistan is complemented by an online community of students and teachers on Facebook. While initially we were a little hesitant about how this would pan out—Facebook being notorious for enabling procrastination among the young and old alike—we’ve come out at the end of our first week pleasantly surprised. Students and teachers have been sharing memes (one of the greatest things to come out of the 21st century!) about Math and English, responding to each other’s questions and wishing each other luck. A positive atmosphere prevails. So positive in fact, that […]


27 NovLearn Smart Pakistan 2015 Report

Learn Smart Pakistan ( was introduced in 2014 as Pakistan’s only digital learning challenge. The primary aim of this non-profit initiative was to provide quality educational resources to Pakistan’s students and teachers. Following the unprecedented success of the pilot, the learning challenge was launched once again during the summer of 2015. The participation rate for LSP 2015 increased 7.9 times: 1,533 participants (including 1,314 students and 219 teachers) enrolled from 332 schools and 78 cities/towns across Pakistan. Among the participants, 40% were from public schools. These infographics summarize some of the key findings of the Learn Smart Pakistan 2015 Program: The full report can be downloaded from here: Learn Smart Pakistan 2015 Report Learn Smart Pakistan 2014 – 2015 Trend […]


6 NovLearn Smart Pakistan Edforum 2015: Quality Education for All

Learn Smart Pakistan Edforum 2015: Quality Education for All What will the sustainable development goals really mean for education? Learn Smart Pakistan’s 2015 Education Forum was more than your typical conference. Not only did it engage key stakeholders in thought provoking and critical discussions about the dire state of education in Pakistan, it also established a clear commitment to provide quality education to the country’s youth. With more than 250 attendees convening from across the nation, from organizations like Acumen and DFID to teachers, administrators, policymakers and more, the education forum was a noticeable success. Education in the country continues to be a challenge, especially in regards to dissemination of content, ability to incorporate innovative methods of teaching into archaic […]

English at the Airport

28 AugEnglish at the Airport

In April 2015, Knowledge Platform launched a new course, English at the Airport, as part of a corporate training initiative focusing on English language learning for Airports in Indonesia. English at the Airport is a 48-hour blended-learning course spanning eight weeks. It was rolled out into two batches (with a total of 28 employees) of JAS, a large aviation logistics company, at Jakarta’s international airport. The students comprised of ground staff working across various divisions at the airport, with the majority of them working at the check-in counters. English at the Airport was designed with four key learning objectives in mind: a.) Improve spoken English and fluency b.) Expand job-specific vocabulary c.) Enhance comprehension ability d.) Reinforce core customer service […]

5 AugA Blended Learning Solution for the Classroom

In April 2015, we launched a 12-week blended learning pilot across five privately owned secondary schools in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) and Rawalpindi district. The pilot was supported by Ilm Ideas, a Department for International Development (DFID) initiative in Pakistan. A total of 150 students, 12 teachers and four principals participated in the pilot. Schools that participated included: 1) Sir Syed Public School, Rawalpindi – 35 Students 2) Al-Farabi School and College, Islamabad – 35 Students 3) Jinnah Muslim School and College, Islamabad – 20 Students 4) Shining Star Public School, Rawalpindi – 34 Students 5) Modern Language School and College, Islamabad – 26 Students Schools were selected in order to properly test the solution across different variables such as: […]

Learn Smart Pakistan Classroom Game Bootcamp

12 JulLearn Smart Pakistan 2015: Innovation in Teaching

Originally published in The Express Tribune As part of our national non-profit initiative, Learn Smart Pakistan, we conducted two teacher boot camps to help build skills in lesson planning and learning games among selected teachers in Pakistan. The boot camp included a bonus session on online mentoring for teachers participating in the digital challenge. Since 2014, we have been sponsoring a series of educational activities for 9th grade students and teachers under the banner of Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP). As part of LSP 2015, we conducted, for free, two Teacher Boot Camps on June 15, 2015 at Islamabad Club Pakistan. The boot camps enabled teachers to strengthen their capacity and gain expertise in two vital skill sets for effective classroom […]

12 AprImproving Cambodia’s Education System from the Ground Up

After the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia’s education system was rebuilt from scratch under the newly founded People’s Republic of Kampuchea. It modeled its system on that of Vietnam and France, but during the Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia small progress was made. Only a small percentage of the population benefited from any educational reform as most of the population was plagued by a Civil War that lasted until UN intervention in 1991. A constitutional monarchy was founded in 1993 under King Sihanouk and a new constitution established. In articles 64 – 68, the constitution promulgated free primary and secondary education to all citizens for nine years. This provided the foundation for the basic education system in Cambodia today. […]

How are University Leaders Coping?

6 MarHow Are University Leaders Coping?

Universities around the world are experiencing profound change: an ever-increasing range of new disciplines is coming into being; employers have become parsimonious in hiring newly minted graduates; new technologies are creating disruptive new opportunities for tertiary education; and public sector and philanthropic funding for universities are progressively being squeezed. Every year, World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), a division of Qatar Foundation, conducts an annual leadership conference in Doha for heads of universities. The 2014 program, conducted in early November, was attended by heads of both public and private universities from sixteen countries, and focused on leadership and strategy. Through behavioral and emotional intelligence assessments and participant surveys, we learned that heads of universities from different continents often face a […]

22 JanSix Sigma Blended Learning

We refer to ‘blended learning’ as the blend of different learning formats and approaches for the purposes of creating optimal learning outcomes. In the case study set out below, we carefully blended online and in-class learning, as well as formal, simulation-based and on-the-job learning, to help our client launch and drive a Six Sigma performance improvement program.

15 JanEducation in Asia: What Happened in 2014?

Last year was an eventful year for the Education sector across Asia. From major policy reforms to the implementation of groundbreaking projects, we present to you a roundup of some of these initiatives. THAILAND After Thailand’s May 22nd coup d’etat, Admiral Narong Pipatanasai took over as Minister of Education. In addition, revisions to the 2015 budget saw a 3.2% increase in money allocated to the Ministry of Education. Education receives roughly 20% of total budget allocations. What does this mean? In 2013, Education Minister Chaturon Chaisang announced: An overhaul of vocational education Knowledge sharing about new teaching methodology and learning management Uses of information and communication technology in education These initiatives were part of a 15-year national plan to improve education […]

24 DecAn Asian Learning Network

Face-to-Face Program: A leading high-tech manufacturer, with operational headquarters in Singapore, has over 200 first, second and third suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region. A number of years ago, the manufacturer had established a face-to-face workshop and certification program for its suppliers. The workshop covered quality improvement processes, labor practices, safety standards, and supply chain coordination. While the face-to-face workshop and certification program was very impactful, it had significant limitations. The four-day program had limited reach and was very costly to implement. As more suppliers came on board from countries such as China and Thailand, the requirement for a multi-language solution became more pronounced. And, as the supplier base and the number of staff among the suppliers who needed training and […]

31 OctReflection from Learn Smart Pakistan

In May 2014, Knowledge Platform, with the endorsement of the Federal Directorate, launched “Learn Smart Pakistan” – Pakistan’s first digital learning challenge. The challenge made the entire federal 9th grade math curriculum available to the public over the course of the 10-week summer holiday. A total of 167 students and 28 teachers from 39 schools across the country took part in the challenge. Students had access to more than 200 video lectures and 160 math drills covering the 9th grade Math curriculum. The goal of the challenge was to increase awareness of the benefits of ICT in Education among students and teachers, encourage collaboration and promote blended learning. In addition, we were able to address questions such as how feasible […]

COO Juan Figar demos Knowledge Platform blended learning solution in Indonesia

31 OctA Blended Learning Demo at ASBI in Indonesia

On 15th October 2014, we were invited to demo our blended learning solution at a school in Bogor, Java, Indonesia. Bogor is located approximately 60km south of the capital, Jakarta. We visited ASBI, a high school set up by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation. ASBI is a co-ed boarding school for 330 students in Grades 10-12. At ASBI, students are provided an enriching and supportive learning environment, in which academic, social and leadership skills are taught alongside academics. Putera Sampoerna foundation provides full and partial scholarships for youths from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. Students are selected on the basis of academic merit and personal qualities (such as entrepreneurial spirit and leadership). ASBI currently follows the Cambridge Examination board, and students […]

Pakistan's Teacher Challenge Infographic by Knowledge Platform

5 OctPakistan’s Teacher Challenge

In 2000, the United Nations established eight international development goals covering education, healthcare, poverty, gender equality and the environment. The second Millennium Development Goal (MDG 2) was to achieve universal primary education by 2015. Although there have been some advancements towards achieving universal primary education, many countries are behind and some have even regressed. A recent UNDP paper analyzing MDG 2 reported the net enrollment rate “remains below 70% in at least 15 countries and below 80% in at least 29 countries”. In another 20 countries, the net enrollment rate is decreasing. Pakistan is among those nations that are severely behind in achieving MDG 2 by 2015. There are numerous political and social factors contributing to Pakistan’s declining progress in […]

16 SepFive Ways to Create Educational Videos

Video-based learning can be an effective, low-cost teaching solution. Knowledge Platform explains the 5 formats educational videos tend to follow and how they may be used.

15 JunBlended Teacher Workshop in Shanghai

BACKGROUND PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) is administered to roughly 510,000 students across 31 OECD countries and 31 partner countries. Although China does not participate as a nation, Shanghai participates as an economy. In both 2009 and 2012, Shanghai placed first in the PISA rankings, demonstrating considerable improvement in 2012. That same year, to its traditional PISA assessment subjects (reading, mathematics and science), OECD added an optional computer-based assessment, ‘Creative Problem Solving’ in which 44 countries and 85,000 students participated. The test measured the ability of students to “respond to non-routine situations in order to achieve their potential as constructive and reflective citizens”. Although Shanghai was among the top performing contestants in this new subject, their rank in contrast […]

20 AprBlended Learning in Mardan

In February 2014, Knowledge Platform partnered with a government boys school in Mardan Pakistan to bring its adaptive learning management system and blended learning approach to classrooms. Knowledge Platform CEO Mahboob Mahmood takes us inside the school to see the platform in action and talks to teachers about their experience. For over a year, Knowledge Platform has partnered with Pakistani government schools in Islamabad, Punjab, and the North Western Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to bring interactive teaching methods and learning technology to the classroom. Knowledge Platform provides a practical and scalable model to reinforce the role of the teacher and leverage low-cost, efficient technology.

5 FebShanghai Public School Education: Success Factors

The Shanghai school system has greatly improved in the last 10 years as evident in their top placement in the 2012 PISA test. Teachers are committed to pursuing a career in education and are extremely well respected in return. Furthermore, students and teachers are not afraid to embrace new formats of learning and technology in the classroom. Watch the video for more insight into the Shanghai school system and how they got to the top of the list.

27 JanLearning Backwards: An abcd Teaching Methodology

An interview with abcdespanol Project Director Catalina Gonzalez on game-based education. Catalina talks about the game board her company developed as an aide to teaching languages. The game uses a flipped learning approach in which students learn words first followed by the letters that make up that word. Watch the video for more.

12 JulTeaching Smiles: A Primary School Project in Cambodia

In 2000, Enrique Figaredo (commonly known as Mgr. Kike) was installed as Prefect Apostolic in Battambang. With his support, the Prefecture established 16 remote schools and constantly works to upgrade existing government schools. The schools don’t have electricity, contain limited writing supplies, and most teachers have only completed the 7th grade. Yet, the progress in bringing education to rural Cambodia has been paramount. Watch the photo documentary to learn more about the challenges and progress of expanding education to the remote regions of Cambodia.

Ministry of Education, Brunei and Knowledge Platform runs Teacher Training program

17 OctTeacher Training and Support in Brunei

In 2008, the Ministry of Education, Negara Brunei Darussalam, commissioned a large-­scale project for the design and implementation of solutions to enable teaching through technology for all the higher education institutes and ‘A’ Level Schools in Brunei. The project spanned five years (divided into a design and implementation period and a support period) and covered 19 institutions (University of Brunei Darussalam, medical and polytechnic colleges, and ‘A’ level schools). The project was awarded to a five-­‐member consortium: Knowledge Platform (project leader); Yi Ecomodern Solutions (‘YES’, Brunei implementation partner); Mercer Human Resource Consulting (change management consulting); Dell (hardware provider); and Ask N Learn (learning management system provider). The project involved development of a 5-­‐year strategic and implementation plan for ICT in […]