In April 2015, Knowledge Platform launched a new course, English at the Airport, as part of a corporate training initiative focusing on English language learning for Airports in Indonesia. English at the Airport is a 48-hour blended-learning course spanning eight weeks. It was rolled out into two batches (with a total of 28 employees) of JAS, a large aviation logistics company, at Jakarta’s international airport. The students comprised of ground staff working across various divisions at the airport, with the majority of them working at the check-in counters.

English at the Airport was designed with four key learning objectives in mind:

a.) Improve spoken English and fluency
b.) Expand job-specific vocabulary
c.) Enhance comprehension ability
d.) Reinforce core customer service skills

Each week of the course corresponds to a different airport process, starting from check-in. The course covers common scenarios staff face while working at an airport from check-in all the way through arrivals. Common English conversational topics, such as family, weather and maps & directions are also embedded within the lessons. English at the Airport is an instructor-led course, which uses a combination of offline and online content launched through our learning management system, Ultrabot. Online content includes short animated videos that showcase different airport scenarios. Each video is accompanied with in-classroom assessments and interactive, role play activities.

English at the Airport

Our first two batches were a great success, both in terms of learning outcomes and learner engagement. Learners participated with full enthusiasm, and more importantly, they found the course interesting, fun and useful. Students were assessed on a range of skills such as comprehension (formal assessment), oral abilities and command of grammar and vocabulary (informal assessment). On average, there was a distinct improvement in all areas across both batches. In the final assessment, the average score across both batches was 81%. This was higher than the topic scores, showing a significant and noticeable improvement in performance. In addition, 80% of the students scored above 75% in the final assessment, while 16% of students scored above 90%.

KP has received very positive feedback from JAS. Many airline supervisors have noticed a distinct improvement in their staff’s confidence and ability to serve and understand their customers’ needs. We welcomed 34 new students to this course at the end of July.