On 27 May 2016 we announced the rules for the weekly Bonus Round for our Learn Smart Pakistan Facebook Community. The instructions for the round were pretty simple. We merely asked students who were participating in Learn Smart Pakistan 2016 to tap into their networks and ask their friends and classmates to sign up. The student who initiated the most sign-ups would win a gift hamper full of goodies (including a Knowledge Platform mug!).

We ended the Bonus Round after a weekend. Much to our delight, it took much longer than anticipated to calculate the amount of new sign ups. In two days around fifty new students had registered for the challenge! Though many students had participated, the winner of the first gift hamper of the Challenge was Ayesha Muzamil, a young student studying at Islamabad Model College for Girls F-10/2, Islamabad. We announced Ayesha as our winner and asked her to get in touch with us about her gift hamper. A few short hours later she was in our office with her younger brother and her father.


It’s always been rewarding to meet the users of our learning solutions. The whole energy in the building changes, we’re all a little happier. Ayesha was shy at first but quickly opened up in our conference room, “I heard about the App through school announcements,” she said.

Schools in the Federal Capital Territory closed on 1 June 2016 for the summer. We’d been making their rounds before then, introducing Learn Smart Pakistan and getting to know our user base. Ayesha was in one of many classrooms we visited, “I love the program”, she said, stating that she was planning on spending her holidays doing IQ tests and achieving the highest  possible proficiency levels in Learn Smart Pakistan 2016.

How come, we asked her, you managed to convince so many your friends to sign up? She shrugged modestly, “I don’t know. They listen to me.”20160531_153451

Ayesha’s father said he was very proud of his daughter, and very excited she was part of Learn Smart Pakistan, “I applaud initiatives such as these. I think they’re doing great work with helping students reconnect with their education.” Like all parents, he felt education was key and seemed to be a Math enthusiast. “Math is key. English is important too, but I like Math better.”


Her brother Usama said he hadn’t registered for the program yet, but he was planning on doing it as soon as he went home, “You didn’t come to our school for announcements so I wasn’t sure I was allowed to take part.” We assured him he was and we’re hoping he’s going to be giving Ayesha run for her money in the next Bonus Round. A little healthy competition between siblings is always a good thing, right?


In a few short hours we’ll be announcing another Bonus Round. School holidays and Ramzan are both in full swing but we are confident it will be met with enthusiasm.

We’re leaving you with a few pictures of students being wonderful when we went to schools to announce Learn Smart Pakistan. Here’s hoping their energy will rub off on your day :)

Sir Syed College Wah Cantt

Peshawar Model High School Islamabad

POF Model High School Wah Cantt