Knowledge Platform partners with Jazz to bring blended learning to girls’ schools

This morning, our team headed out at 7am to Islamabad Model School for Girls in F-7/2. We were there to witness the Jazz Smart Schools project in action, along with the amazing team at Jazz including Ali Naseer (Chief Regulatory Officer), Ali Ibrahim (Head Corporate Responsibility), Anjum Rehman (Head of Communications and Sustainability), Arslan Naseer (Assistant Manager, Corporate Communication) & Zara Atiq (Internal Communications Executive).



At the school, we first met the very excited Ma’am Robina Yusuf (Mathematics teacher extraordinaire) and the Principal of the school Ma’am Sadia Adnan inside the brand new Digital Learning Center established by Knowledge Platform and Jazz. Over the course of the next two years, we will be establishing these centers in more than 75 girls’ schools across Pakistan.


The room was large enough to comfortably fit more than 60 students. At the front, there was a projector and a small table at which Ma’am Robina stood with a laptop, loaded with Knowledge Platform’s specially designed, curriculum-aligned content for Math and English. Students, as they filed in, took attendance via small hand held devices called clickers. They were automatically marked present by the system, and on the projector screen. Ma’am Rubina then proceeded to walk them through a lesson on Matrices using Knowledge Platform’s video. The class then took a short assessment via clickers. After submission, the system showed us that the Grade 9 class of 47 students had an average of  78.94%.  One student, near the end of the lesson said, “This is so much more fun than our usual class activities. ”


Ali Naseer (CRO, Jazz) asked the students how they felt about the platform and the new, innovative way of learning and they unanimously said they’d love to continue learning via the system. Today was just a small taste of what will be a very large project where we, along with our partners Jazz lead change through digital learning via #JazzSmartSchools

Watch a short video with Principal Sadia Adnan’s response to the solution. View pictures from the day here.

All in all, a great morning, making us nostalgic for our school days! #digitallearning #smartschools

Stay tuned for more details as we take off with Jazz!