Islamabad Model School for Girls (IMSG) G-11/1 is housed in a beautiful school building. The entrance is reminiscent of castles, the grounds are large and spacious, the students are bright in blue and white uniforms.


We’re there to witness a class in one of the school’s newly set up digital learning centers under the Jazz Smart School Program*. Under the umbrella of the program, Digital learning centres have been set up in 75 all-girls public high school across Pakistan. The centers are equipped with a laptop fully loaded with Knowledge Platform’s curriculum-aligned content and clicker based assessments.


This morning, the students appear a little nervous. This is because they’ve been told teams from the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Knowledge Platform will be witnessing the class of Grade 9th A (Science Section) students. The class consists of 36 students in total. Madam Sadia Nawaz, a 34 year-old teacher with 9 years of experience who had never used a laptop before being trained for the solution, will be leading them through an English video and assessment.


Ms. Sameena Zia, Deputy Director Schools from Federal Directorate of Education is in the school by 9 am. Her enthusiasm for the project and for the school is infectious.


The students quickly relax in her presence, as does Madam Sadia. When they start the class with a video on Types of Sentences, the teacher seems like an old-hand. No one would be able to guess that she has only started using technology to teach this year.

Quickly, the teacher walks the students through attendance. She uses the screen to call out the six absent students and then begins the day’s lesson using Knowledge Platform’s video.



She then moves on to the assessment, and the students seem so excited to be able to use the clickers in ‘Kaun bane ga crore pati style’ (as the Deputy Head Mistress later comments).



The class average for the assessment is 60.05%.  The system immediately shows which questions the students did not respond well to and which they scored highest on. The student with the highest scores is Ayesha Abid with 100%.


The class clearly has a strong grasp of the concepts by the end of the 40 minute lesson. Ms. Zia while talking to the students afterwards says, ‘you are all digital natives, while we are digital immigrants. Together we can work together to bridge the gaps in the education sector using traditional and new learning methods.’ She suggests the students ask questions and build curiosity in the classroom and outside of it. Ms. Zia also says that what makes the program and Knowledge Platform’s solution stand out is the interactive nature of learning. Watch this video for her feedback.


IMSG G-11/1 has been using the system for a little less than a month. The Jazz Smart Schools program will reach more than 20,000 students and over 450 teachers over a course of 2 years.

20171215_102359The school administration, Ms. Sameena Zia, and the Knowledge Platform team (along with CEO Mr. Mahboob Mahmood)

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*This program is powered by Jazz and managed by Knowledge Platform. Implementation partners are the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD).