We’ve all been there. So we know what it feels like. It feels like all eyes are you. Your parents are closely monitoring your TV and internet intake. Your teachers are telling you how important these exams are. Your friends are practically buried under a fort of course books. LSP suddenly has past papers. Everywhere you look, you’re bombarded with this message: You HAVE to do well in these exams.

Well we’re here to help. These tips will show you how to make productive use of your time while also making sure you stay healthy and relatively relaxed. If you have some tips of your own, be sure to write to us on our LSP Facebook Community page.

1. Devise a Revision Schedule


We cannot stress the importance of this. A schedule is key and we had students send in some wonderful ones for a Winter Challenge Bonus Round. A good schedule should have clearly defined dates for when you expect to complete chapters and subjects by. It should be very detailed; so laid out by day and/or by week. It should also include time for past paper revision and a quick revision of the course one more time.

A good revision schedule also helps you chart out a mental mind map for finishing the syllabus. Once you’ve made one you’ll feel much more relaxed, because you’ll realise YOU CAN DO IT and the course is easily compartmentalized into small pockets of time. So even if you don’t follow it exactly, you at least know that parts of the course are written down clearly and are there for you to see and tackle whenever you set your mind to them.

2. Make Short Concept Notes


Right before an exam, or if you have to travel, you’re not going to be able to take all your books with you. Let’s face it, they weigh a tonne. And it’s almost impossible to cover every single thing in the book right before crunch time. Sometimes you can feel so overwhelmed by all the info. So chapter by chapter, as you go along, make short one page/ two page summary notes. Keep a track of all the key info you need (formulas for Math, definitions of tenses for English, dates for History etc.) and before an exam just read through these crucial pages that you’ve curated and made for yourself. This will be a lifesaver. We promise!

3. Do the Past Papers


This cannot be stressed enough. The Past Papers will be your key to acing the exams so you must know them. Make sure you’ve reserved some revision time just for these. They’ll give you a good sense of what sorts of questions come in the exams, what the examiners are looking for, what parts of your books are important for you to know.

4. Keep a Track of Where You’re Lagging


When you’re in the middle of revision and the past papers, keep a note of all your errors. Make sure you’re mindful for what you’re getting wrong. Then go back and revise the subjects that will help you overcome your mistakes. Perhaps your understanding of a concept is only surface level or you haven’t read the chapter related to the question properly. Go back and do the necessary work, then do those questions again.

5. Drink Water not Tea


Caffeine is great. We’re big fans. And it’s a big part of Pakistani culture to give exams fuelled solely on tea. But remember water will hydrate you. It’s good for you. And too many cups of tea can feel great in the moment, but when the caffeine crash comes, boy will it take it out of you! So be wary of eating and drinking unhealthily during exam time. Remember you want to be well enough to give those exams!

6. Do Not Play the Comparison Game


This one’s key. One friend will ace the exams after having only studied for an hour. The other will say he or she studied for 10 hours a day but still just barely passed. With so much info coming in, it can feel like the natural thing to do to adopt your friends’ study methods, their worries and fears. DON’T LISTEN TO OUTSIDE VOICES. Just revise in the way that works best for you and try not to let the other voices bother you.

7. Use Learn Smart Pakistan


The Winter Challenge for LSP ends on February 5th 2017. BUT all the chapters, past papers, questions content for Math and English is ALL there and it’s free. Sign up at www.learnsmartpakistan.org and make use of the resource. It’s really only for you!

8. Take Time Out

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-12 at 4.03.00 PM

It’s impossible to study twenty four seven. No really, it IS impossible. Try as you might, you are not going to be able to concentrate past a few hours. So TAKE breaks and DON’T FEEL GUILTY about the breaks if you’ve really put in a solid few hours of work. Watch television, exercise, listen to some music, get some down time with the family. Paint, read, draw.  Do something that relaxes you and make sure you enjoy it.

Personally, we like eating donuts, but that’s just us.

…and good luck!