Learn Smart Pakistan (www.learnsmartpakistan.org) was introduced in 2014 as Pakistan’s only digital learning challenge. The primary aim of this non-profit initiative was to provide quality educational resources to Pakistan’s students and teachers. Following the unprecedented success of the pilot, the learning challenge was launched once again during the summer of 2015. The participation rate for LSP 2015 increased 7.9 times: 1,533 participants (including 1,314 students and 219 teachers) enrolled from 332 schools and 78 cities/towns across Pakistan. Among the participants, 40% were from public schools.

These infographics summarize some of the key findings of the Learn Smart Pakistan 2015 Program:

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The full report can be downloaded from here:

Learn Smart Pakistan 2015 Report

Learn Smart Pakistan 2014 – 2015 Trend Analysis

Students enrolled from all over Pakistan: 42% from ICT, 40% from Punjab, 12% from Sindh, 5% from KPK, and 1% respectively from Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan. The participants represented a vast geographical spread, including small cities such as Okara, Rajanpur, Larkana, Sadiqabad, Lodhran, Kasur, Nushki and Muslim Bagh.

Different social media campaigns, such as ‘Student of the Week’, ‘Meet your Teacher’, ‘Weekly Bonus Round’ and ‘Weekly Email Tip’, were used to promote outstanding individuals, interact with a wider variety of contestants and increase overall engagement. In addition, 14 teachers started online learning communities to support and interact with students during the challenge.

As part of the LSP challenge, two teacher boot camps were conducted to help build skills in lesson planning and learning games among selected teachers. The boot camps also included a bonus session on online mentoring for teachers participating in the digital challenge. In addition, a writing workshop was conducted to help students draft, share and edit their writing. The workshop taught students how to develop a point of view on a topic and how to provide evidence to support their claim.

Learn Smart Pakistan Education Forum concluded LSP 2015 and drew together various stakeholders involved in education and technology. The event focused on ‘Innovation in Learning and Teaching’ by demonstrating the use of technology and digital content for in-class and out-of-class knowledge acquisition. The audience was introduced to high-impact, interactive educational games and content tailored to Pakistan’s Educational Institutions, followed by a panel of experts who shared their insights on the vibrant national EdTech landscape. The Awards Ceremony for Pakistan’s only digital learning challenge was combined with the Education Forum.

‘Telenor Apps’ joined Knowledge Platform as a ‘Gold Sponsor’ for the Learn Smart Pakistan 2015 Education Forum. Media partners included Express Media Group and Tech Juice. Network partners included Alif Ailaan, Telenor Apps, Idara e Taleem of Agaahi (ITA), America Pakistan Foundation (APF), Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF) and OPEN.

The Learn Smart Pakistan 2015 Presentation can also be downloaded:

Presentation LSP 2015