Fall Challenge 5 September 2016

Islamabad, August 30, 2016 – Knowledge Platform, under the umbrella of their Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP) 2016 Program launched its much anticipated Fall Challenge on September 5, 2016. Students and teachers can register at www.learnsmartpakistan.org. The Challenge is Pakistan’s only digital learning competition and will end on October 30, 2016.

35 Tablets and 20 gift hampers will be awarded to 9th and 10th Class students and teachers participating in the Fall Challenge. Separate prizes have been reserved for private and public school students in order to level disparities between private and public schools.

About LSP: Learn Smart Pakistan 2016 is a year-long digital series of Challenges. The Summer Challenge was launched on May 18 2016 and ended on June 30 2016. A short series ofsix Micro Challenges  followed. The eight week long Fall Challenge is the longest one in the year, and students are able to access quality educational resources, revise for their English and Math Board exams while simultaneously tracking their performance against their peers. Teachers can view individual and group student performance, see struggling areas and tailor their classroom lesson plans accordingly.

During 2015’s LSP Challenge, there were 1, 314 students and 219 teachers participating. This year, by the end of the Summer Challenge 2016, 3112 students and 488 teachers had participated in the challenge. Now, as the Fall Challenge continues, these statistics are expected to grow. Manager Learning Solutions, Hira Zainab says, “Our participation rates have already doubled compared to last year and we’re hoping to reach many more students and teachers as the series continues. The great thing about LSP is that it’s fun. Students really respond to the competitive element of it, and they enjoy the transparency of the platform. Instant results, one to one learning. We get a lot of teachers and students saying this is exactly what’s needed to breathe new life into the Board Syllabus.”

Indeed, educational content on LSP has been especially mapped to the 9th and 10th Class English and Math Board syllabus. Students can masters skills required for their Board exams on the platform. In a country where Board exams are often said to be the deciding factors of a student’s future, the platform makes learning less intimidating.

The Learn Smart Pakistan Fall Challenge will include 7 chapters from the students’ syllabus. The content has been planned in such a way as to coincide with classroom learning. Country Director, Talhah Munir Khan says, “During the first couple of weeks of the Fall Challenge students have been revising what they’ve already studied in school. As time goes on, they will also be asked to engage with content they are just beginning to study in class so online learning will serve as a supplement to traditional learning. We hope this will help teachers – the backbone of the education sector in Pakistan — as well as the students.” In fact, information derived from the Learning Platform has the potential to provide vital statistics on the education sector in Pakistan.

This year, Learn Smart Pakistan is complimented by an online learning community hosted on Facebook. Students and teachers can post queries, meet their peers from other schools. They can also participate in Bonus Rounds, meet their teachers, and learn tips and tricks for performing better at school.

“Together,” says Manager Learning Solutions Hira Zainab “we’re hoping to improve literacy in Pakistan. There is so much potential in the country, it’s just a matter of harnessing and channeling the youth’s energy into more productive learning activities. We’re hoping LSP will play a bigger and bigger role in this as time goes on.”

The media partners for LSP 2016 are Express Media Group and Tech Juice. Network partners include Alif Ailaan, Association for Academic Quality (AFAQ), Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF), the American Pakistan Foundation (APF), Islamabad Private School Association, School of Leadership (SOL), TIE Islamabad and OPEN Islamabad.

About Knowledge Platform: Knowledge Platform is a learning innovation company that provides learning solutions for in-class use. The company also engages with students and teachers via educational applications and virtual learning platforms. Its renowned learning solution, Ultrabot, has received global as well as national acclaim: in January 2014, it was awarded a gold prize for “Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology” and silver prize for “Best Advance in Social Learning Technology” at the prestigious Brandon Hall Awards. In September 2014 Knowledge Platform won the Ilm Apps Challenge Award sponsored by the Department for International Development (DFID-UKAid).

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