“I am truly grateful to be a part of the teacher training organized by the Jazz Smart Schools. As an educator, I found the sessions to be invaluable sources of encouragement, inspiration, and learning. The training sessions taught me to consciously shift my pedagogy from a traditional, teacher-centred, pencil and paper approach, to one that is interactive, and focused on creating a technology embedded, connected classroom”, said Sadaf Zareen.

Sadaf Zareen is a 44-year-old teacher whose love for teaching led her to pursue a master’s degree in education. She has been teaching at IMSG, G-10/3 since the last 21 years. The school is housed in a beautiful building, located in an urban sector of Islamabad, where many public and private educational institutes are prevalent.

Sadaf shared that she had never so much as touched a computer before, but the training sessions helped her to learn the basics of using a computer to simplify classroom activities. The training also imparted innovative tools for creating an environment more conducive to learning for students. Sadaf’s confidence and passion to apply her newly acquired skills in the classroom led her to achieve the perfect blended learning environment. She felt professionally empowered in ways that she had never felt before.

When your profession becomes your passion, then every day is a field day for you! This is exactly what Sadaf proved when she received the ‘Teacher of the Month’ award for December 2017. What is most important for such dedicated teachers is not so much their individual performance, as it is their motivation to make a meaningful impact in the lives of their students.