October 29 Carreker and Knowledge Platform Announce Alliance to offer Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Training Solution.

DALLAS, TEXAS (October 28, 2004) – Carreker Corporation (Nasdaq: CANI), a leading provider of technology and consulting solutions for the financial industry, and Knowledge Platform, a leading provider of Customized Online Learning Content, today announced that they have formed an exclusive alliance enabling Carreker to offer Knowledge Platform’s Online Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance training to its growing global client base of financial and non-financial institutions.

The alliance allows Carreker to broaden its AML offering by providing its clients with Knowledge Platform’s customized online training on complex money laundering legislative and compliance issues globally.

Knowledge Platform provides online learning content and instructional design services for a variety of subject matters, including financial compliance, business re-engineering, and regulatory compliance. Clients who choose the training will be educated on an array of AML-related topics including Know Your Customer (KYC), recognizing suspicious activities, countering terrorist financing and the latest national and international standards from legislative acts and money laundering requirements such as the USA Patriot Act and BASEL II.

“When it comes to compliance issues, financial institutions around the world are increasingly being scrutinized and held to higher standards by regulators,” said Thomas G. Gordon, senior vice president, Risk Solutions Group, Carreker. “By combining our AML product offerings with Knowledge Platform’s innovative training services, we can go beyond simply providing our clients with anti-money laundering solutions. Now they can also leverage the knowledge gained through comprehensive online training and other advanced learning techniques to ensure that their personnel fully comprehend and keep current with complex AML compliance issues.”

“We chose to partner with Carreker because of their unparalleled leadership in providing risk management solutions that protect the reputations and assets of financial institutions around the world,” said Mahboob Mahmood, CEO, Knowledge Platform. “Through the balanced combination of learning courseware development, content delivery and applied expertise, such as AML-related material, we can successfully provide Carreker clients with the tools and information needed to understand and comply with the growing number of anti-money laundering laws and regulations.”

Knowledge Platform’s web-based AML compliance training will be offered to current and prospective customers of Carreker’s CORE·(Carreker Online Risk Expert) AML Filter and CORE Fraud Manager AML solutions.

CORE AML Filter compares transaction and account data against negative and positive lists, applying advanced detection techniques that minimize false positives while identifying suspicious data points in both batch and real time. The software can take data from across the enterprise and compare it against industry or bank-specific lists. These lists can be updated and processed automatically against existing data to generate alerts that are routed to appropriate personnel for action based on risk, priority or a variety of content categories.

CORE Fraud Manager AML is an advanced transaction monitoring system that analyzes and captures data across products, accounts, channels and business unit boundaries to provide an enterprise-wide solution with fully scalable point solution capabilities. It enables the user to break down siloed processes while maintaining an ability to function within a single business unit. By analyzing and comparing monetary and non-monetary data across all available channels and sources, Fraud Manager identifies suspicious activity that may be indicative of money laundering to generate alerts using a risk-based approach.

J.D. (Denny) Carreker, chairman and CEO, Carreker, said, “Our alliance with Knowledge Platform allows us to help clients meet the stringent requirements of today’s continually-evolving AML regulations, by providing them with flexible, customizable solutions and allowing them to better understand how these compliance issues will impact their organizations today and in the future. This alliance is another example of how Carreker continues to take a leadership role in providing our global client base with advanced solutions and services that significantly reduce the organization’s exposure to risk.

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