February 8 Knowledge Platform Conducts Islamabad Principals’ Conference

Islamabad, February 8, 2018 - Knowledge Platform collaborated with Islamabad Private Schools Association to conduct Islamabad Principals’ Conference in Islamabad Club. Representatives from 41 schools were present at the conference where Knowledge Platform shared their idea behind Learn Smart Classroom.

During this year, in addition to public schools, Knowledge Platform targets to reach out to 200 low-cost private schools across Pakistan. With help from Islamabad Private Schools Association, Knowledge Platform was able to reach out to most of the private schools located in Islamabad.


The programme started with the president of Islamabad Private School Association, Zafran Elahi, taking centre stage. He explained the growing problems for the private sector in the education industry. The floor was open for all schools to give their inputs. The major problem under the spotlight was Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) recent demand to move schools out of residential areas. Legal Adviser, Tariq O. Rehman, also gave his input on the matter.

Following schools were present among the attendees: The City School North, Pak Land Public School, Nasir Foundation School, Silver Oaks Schools & College, Islamabad Grammar School, Islamabad Science School & College, The Smart School, Dar-e-Arqam Schools, International Grammar School, Global Systems of Integrated Studies, Tree House School, Princeton School, Elite International School, Hira Public School, Resources Academia, Beaconhouse School System, Advance Learners School, Frobels, OHS Islamabad, Laveuri School System, Bright Star Model School, Oriental Grammar School, Trillium English School, IIUI School, The Islamabad School System, TLC School, Preparatory School Islamabad, Le Zone English Academy, Edopia, Learn-A-licious Pre School, Khaldunia High School, Liberal Arts High School, The Play School, Bright Model School, AIMS, Learning Curve, Westminster School, Super Nova School, EMS High School and Annie’s ELC.

Hira Zainab from Knowledge Platform explained the need for technology in the classrooms of today. She gave a demo for Learn Smart Classroom where she demonstrated the blended learning solution to all private schools present in the hall. After showing videos, clickers were provided to representatives as they got to experience the solution first hand. Assessments for English and Mathematics were taken in order to fully showcase the functionality of the solution.


More pictures from the event can be seen here.

70% of all schools that teach students from sixth grade onward were interested in the solution as the presentation concluded. Knowledge Platform only caters to such schools hence primary schools did not show interest as they made up for the remaining 30% of the schools. This explains that there is a need for similar events with much better targeting.

After the session, president of Islamabad Private Schools Association, Zafran Elahi said, “I have personally recommended Learn Smart Pakistan’s solution to all the schools and that is why I asked them to present their solution in this conference so others can benefit from it.”

Here is Zafran Elahi’s full interview:

For more information please contact Manager Learning Solutions Hira Zainab at hzainab@knowledgeplatform.com and/or Marketing Lead Mahreen Sohail at msohail@knowledgeplatform.com