May 25 Learn Smart Pakistan 2015

Introducing Innovation in Learning and Teaching: Knowledge Platform (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd. is sponsoring a series of blended learning activities for 9th grade students and teachers under the banner of Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP). Launching today with a digital learning challenge, LSP 2015 provides 9th grade students and teachers access to quality educational resources for Mathematics and English. The content is available for free at The digital contest will last for seven weeks, closing on July 12, 2015 followed by an award ceremony.

LSP 2015 includes educational content and resources for 9th Grade English and Mathematics and provides free access to more than 300 video lectures, over 400 assessments and educational games, and more than 4,000 exam questions in multiple choice format. The English solution also includes approximately 100 writing assignments for students to practice their writing skills.

The online learning challenge will be followed with pre-award tests to ensure students completed the challenge on their own merit, a boot camp for teachers to help strengthen lesson planning and gamification skills, a writing contest for students, and a national education forum coupled with an awards ceremony.

LSP is hosted on an award-winning learning management system (LMS), Ultrabot. Ultrabot, has received global acclaim: in January 2014, Ultrabot was awarded a gold prize for “Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology” and silver prize for “Best Advance in Social Learning Technology” at the prestigious Brandon Hall Awards.

LSP was introduced in 2014 as a non-profit initiative with the goal of providing quality educational resources to Pakistan’s students and teachers. During the 2014 challenge, participants were provided completely free access to the entire 9th grade Mathematics syllabus in the form of animated video lectures (in English and Urdu), self-assessment tools, and practice drills. Teachers also participated by setting up online learning communities to facilitate students and assist them in their study through the summer holiday. LSP 2014 spanned 10 weeks with students and teachers enrolling from more than 39 schools across 14 cities in Pakistan. Mr. Peter Coventry, Head of Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Australian High Commission was the keynote speaker at the LSP 2014 Awards Ceremony. In his opening remarks Mr. Coventry mentioned the need for embracing technology to respond to Pakistan’s education crisis and stressed the need for focusing on quality of education in addition to access. The closing remarks were delivered by Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform. The Minister in his address stressed the need for responding to the educational needs of Pakistan’s students and commended the digital challenge.

The media partner for LSP 2015 is Express Media Group. Network partners include Alif Ailaan, Telenor Apps, Idara e Taleem of Agaahi (ITA), Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF) and OPEN.

Knowledge Platform is a learning innovation company that provides learning solutions for in-class use. Its learning solution, Ultrabot, has received global as well as national acclaim. In January 2014, Ultrabot was awarded a gold and silver prize at the prestigious Brandon Hall Awards. In September 2014 Knowledge Platform won the Ilm Apps Challenge Award sponsored by the Department for International Development (DFID-UKAid).

For additional information, please contact Hira Zainab, Manager Learning Solutions, at Knowledge Platform (Pakistan),