August 5 Learn Smart Pakistan 2016 Summer Challenge Concludes

A nation-wide virtual learning challenge including a series of online English and Mathematics challenges, live contests, student and teacher boot camps and a national education forum.

Islamabad, August 05, 2016 – On Thursday June 30, 2016, Knowledge Platform concluded its Summer Challenge, a six week long Digital Learning Challenge running under the banner of the non-profit Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP) program. 15,752 users accessed the LSP application from May 18, 2016 to June 30, 2016.  A total of 3,602 students and teachers participated in the competition.

The winners and runners up of the Summer Challenge had been decided based on a rigorous screening process including a Writing Workshop & Contest with 87 participants and Pre-Award qualifying Math and English tests. 24 Winners and 51 Runners Ups will be awarded tablets and gift hampers respectively at a ceremony held after the end of the series of Challenges.

Students signed up for the LSP application at (also available on iTunes and Google Play). This is the third year running for LSP, which was initially launched in 2014. While earlier LSP lasted for a few weeks every year, this year the team at Knowledge Platform have decided to expand LSP to include a series of Challenges that will run through the course of the year to maximize student engagement. After the Summer Challenge, a series of Micro Challenges have been launched which will conclude on August 30, 2016. These will be followed by a Fall Challenge, and later a Winter Challenge. Winners and runners up of respective Challenges will be awarded a total of 75 tablets and gift hampers.

Learning Solutions Manager Hira Zainab says, “We’re very glad we expanded Learn Smart Pakistan this year. In 2015, 1,314 students and 219 teachers participated. This year, at the end of the Summer Challenge, we had 3,112 students and 488 teachers. Participation has already more than doubled and we’ve only concluded the first leg in the series. It shows that Pakistani teachers and students are eager to engage with fun learning activities outside of the classroom.”

Indeed, the increasing participation (statistics show that participation has already doubled in relation to 2015) does indicate that there is a demand for quality online learning platforms in Pakistan. Knowledge Platform caters to this niche in Pakistan by producing quality content, especially mapped for the Pakistani 9th and 10th Class Board syllabi. The Learn Smart Pakistan application allows students and teachers to access content and videos, as well as games, assessments and a performance tab that compares their performance with other students, provides a class ranking and a proficiency guide. Teachers can use the application to help identify class and individual student weaknesses. Math teacher at Siddeeq Public School Shafaq Batool says, “This is the only application that helps students assess their performance and revise relevant content. The content is so specific to the chapters students are studying in school in 9th and 10th Class and for that, as a teacher, I am very grateful.”

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Summer Challenge Overview 

Learn Smart Pakistan Summer Challenge Overview

1. Learn Smart Pakistan Summer Challenge Overview 1


2. Learn Smart Pakistan Summer Challenge Overview

This year, during the Summer Challenge, a total of 3,602 students and teachers from 854 schools and 141 cities participated. A geographic distribution shows that 1,333 of the total participants were from the Federal Capital Territory Area. 1,528 participants hailed from Punjab, 391 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 311 from Sindh, 25 from Balochistan, 11 from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, 2 from Gilgit Baltistan and 1 from FATA.

Although 37% of the participants were from the Federal Capital Territory area, it was heartening to see that the geographic spread of users was so wide. 25 participants hailed from Balochistan and other remote areas across the country, such as Karak, Tank, Dir, Bajaur Agency, Ubauro, Moro and Tirbut.

9th and 10th Class students were asked to gain proficiency badges by moving through the first four chapters of their school course, available on the LSP app. Over all, a total of 17,313 badges were obtained. By the end of the Summer Challenge, the LSP Application identified the top struggling areas for students: Vocabulary and Phrases, Logarithms, General Comprehension, and Quadratic Equations.

Interestingly, access through mobile phones has grown significantly since the launch of the program in 2014. In 2014, 5% of the users accessed the system using their phones. This grew to 26% in 2015 and has now nearly doubled again in 2016 with a total of 45% of users accessing LSP through their mobile phones.

This year, the Learn Smart Pakistan Program is complemented by an online learning community hosted on Facebook. The community of students and teachers now has more than 4,000 members who are invited to share learning experiences and performance updates. Students can participate in Bonus Rounds, Meet Their Teachers, and learn tips and tricks for performing better at school.

The steady success and growing number of participants in LSP shows that there is a strong need for engaging, quality online learning in Pakistan. Knowledge Platform, with the support of its network partners, hopes to continue fulfilling this need, while also aiming to engage and introduce students and teachers to new technologies.

The media partners for LSP 2016 are Express Media Group and Tech Juice. Network partners include Alif Ailaan, Telenor, Association for Academic Quality (AFAQ), Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF), the American Pakistan Foundation (APF), Islamabad Private School Association, School of Leadership (SOL) and OPEN Islamabad.

About Knowledge Platform: Knowledge Platform is a learning innovation company that provides learning solutions for in-class use. The company also engages with students and teachers via educational applications and virtual learning platforms. Its renowned learning solution, Ultrabot, has received global as well as national acclaim: in January 2014, it was awarded a gold prize for “Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology” and silver prize for “Best Advance in Social Learning Technology” at the prestigious Brandon Hall Awards. In September 2014 Knowledge Platform won the Ilm Apps Challenge Award sponsored by the Department for International Development (DFID-UKAid).

To download an overview of the LSP Summer Challenge 2016, please click here.

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