August 3 Learn Smart Pakistan’s Micro Challenge Series Underway

A nation-wide learning challenge including online English and Mathematics challenges, live contests, student and teacher boot camps and a national education forum.

Islamabad, August 03, 2016 – On Monday, 25 July 2016 Knowledge Platform launched a series of Micro Challenges under the banner of their non-profit Learn Smart Pakistan program. The Micro Challenges will last for a total of five weeks, concluding by the end of August. Students can sign up at in a few easy steps. The application is also available on iTunes and Google Play for smart phone users.

The program has quickly gained popularity in the country after its initial launch two years ago in 2014. This year, the Knowledge Platform team has expanded the LSP program to include a Summer Challenge, Micro Challenges, a Fall Challenge and a Winter Challenge. These will take place over the course of the year. More than 75 tablets will be awarded to high-performing students and teachers.

The Micro Challenges were launched after the conclusion of the Summer Challenge on June 30, 2016. This particular series will alternate between English and Math topics. Some of these mini-challenges will have a duration of 1 day, others will last for a full week. In total there are 6 Micro Challenges for English students and 6 Micro Challenges for Math students.

The Micro Challenges aim to help students stay engaged with their studies during their summer vacations, while interacting constructively with their peers on social media. This year, the Learn Smart Pakistan Program is complemented by an online learning community hosted on Facebook. The community of students and teachers now has more than 4,000 members who are invited to share learning experiences and performance updates. Students can participate in Bonus Rounds, Meet Their Teachers, and learn tips and tricks for performing better at school.

“The short bursts of activity provided by the Micro Challenges may be more interactive for students on vacation,” says Manager Learning Solutions Hira Zainab, “The aim is to keep students engaged during the summer holidays. The Micro Challenges will feature content that students have already studied in school, but as they go on the Challenges will also feature content that students will study once schools re-open. It’ll be interesting to see how students respond to the variety of topics.”

Students can register for the Micro Challenges online at or via the Google and iTunes mobile application. The Micro Challenges will precede the upcoming LSP 2016 Fall Challenge which will launch in September.

Micro Challenge Announcement

Prior to launching the Micro Challenges, Knowledge Platform concluded the LSP Summer Challenge which ended on June 30, 2016. Approximately 3,602 students and teachers from 854 schools across 141 cities participated in the competition. Statistics show that participation has already doubled in relation to 2015. The winners and runners up of the Summer Challenge had been decided based on a rigorous screening process including a Writing Workshop & Contest and Pre-Award qualifying Math and English tests. Winners will be awarded tablets and runners up will be awarded gift hampers at a ceremony held after the end of all the Challenges.

This year the media partners for LSP 2016 are Express Media Group and Tech Juice. Network partners include Alif Ailaan, Telenor, Association for Academic Quality (AFAQ), Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF), the American Pakistan Foundation (APF), Islamabad Private School Association, School of Leadership (SOL) and OPEN Islamabad.

About Knowledge Platform: Knowledge Platform is a learning innovation company that provides learning solutions for in-class use. The company also engages with students and teachers via educational applications and virtual learning platforms. Its renowned learning solution, Ultrabot, has received global as well as national acclaim: in January 2014, it was awarded a gold prize for “Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology” and silver prize for “Best Advance in Social Learning Technology” at the prestigious Brandon Hall Awards. In September 2014 Knowledge Platform won the Ilm Apps Challenge Award sponsored by the Department for International Development (DFID-UKAid).