September 14 The Following Article is Reprinted From an Article Run in the July 2004 issue of “Channel in Asia”

Despite the slump and the cutbacks in recent IT spending, eLearning appears to be enjoying a healthy revival. Adoption and usage is gaining speed as companies are hard pressed to re-skill their workers and increase their productivity in a timely and efficient way. A major factor driving E-Learning’s growth is the recognition that it is a strategic business tool that can be used to meet business objectives, said Chris Perrine, Vice President of Business Development at Knowledge Platform – a Content Provider.

The company develops customized web based courses in areas such as Six Sigma, Process Compliance, Policies and Procedures, Financial Compliance and Sales Training for businesses eager to go online. Video Learning and Online assessments – an integral part of e learning – are also on offer.

According to Perrine, companies are discovering that web based training are useful beyond just automating learning but in attaining compliance and improving quality practice throughout a company.

Citing Seagate as an example, he said adoption was driven largely by the need to get staff and engineers familiar with company’s standard procedures. Today 1200 engineers and staff across Asia Pacific are attending E-Learning courses to learn complex manufacturing operations and high tech design. The company – while in the midst of moving most of its production from Singapore to Thailand, China and Malaysia – wanted help in maintaining their six sigma processes across their entire operations.

Recognizing the value in e learning as a way to create common understanding among its geographically dispersed staff speeded up the delivery of these courses. With Bank Mandiri of Indonesia, the move to adopt e learning was partly motivated by the bank’s need to streamline its operations. The Bank wanted to standardize and improve its processes, after going public.

So it put 1,500 of its staff – as a part of its upgrading effort – through an online course covering topics such as business processes, product training and soft skills.

At education provider, Andalus Corporation, improving customer service was the reason for its eLearning adoption. They jumped online to give their students the convenience of studying its Arabic courses at anytime and place. Where there was a computer terminal.

According to Ghazali, principal consultant of Alleerbest-Netxl, the company responsible for setting up the online system, revenues have also increases for Andalus from the implementation.

More than 300 students have transitioned onto a web based platform through thr exercise. “It was a strategic decision that the company took as it wanted to use E-Learning as a means rto improve its service., “said Ghazali. He added students had a chance to experience new ways of learning by going online too.

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