In May 2014, Knowledge Platform, with the endorsement of the Federal Directorate, launched “Learn Smart Pakistan” – Pakistan’s first digital learning challenge. The challenge made the entire federal 9th grade math curriculum available to the public over the course of the 10-week summer holiday.

A total of 167 students and 28 teachers from 39 schools across the country took part in the challenge. Students had access to more than 200 video lectures and 160 math drills covering the 9th grade Math curriculum. The goal of the challenge was to increase awareness of the benefits of ICT in Education among students and teachers, encourage collaboration and promote blended learning. In addition, we were able to address questions such as how feasible is online learning given less than 20% of students in Pakistan have internet access at home and how does competition-based learning impact the overall online learning experience?

For more information about the LSP challenge read the full report above.