Learn Smart Pakistan – 4th Annual Award Ceremony

Knowledge Platform held its 4th annual awards ceremony for the Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP) challenges at Hotel Margala, Islamabad. The event was organized to celebrate the successes of winners of last year’s challenges. Our honourable chief guests, Hasnat Qureshi, Director General at Federal Directorate of Education and Chairman at Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA), Barkan Saeed, Chairman Pakistan Association for Software Houses (P@SHA) and Saqib Shahab, Director Schools of Federal Directorate of Education, were present at the event. This year’s award ceremony was for the 64 winners and 28 runners-up from 2017’s summer, fall and winter challenges. Winners were awarded tablets, whereas the runners up were given ‘Shields of Recognition’ for their participation. The ceremony began with a welcome […]

In Conversation with Rahila Malik

The picture above depicts a typical school day at IMSG Upran Gohra, Sihala. Every morning, students sit outside in the dirt strewn school ground, and attend classes. It is a makeshift arrangement for faculty and students as the school building undergoes major renovations. Most of the classrooms have been stripped of furniture, broken windows are yet to be repaired, and the floors have been taken apart. Lack of classroom space, the inconvenience of changing room assignments and schedules, and the constant disturbance caused by ongoing construction have adversely impacted the daily school activities and the instructional process to a certain extent. In October 2017, Knowledge Platform rolled out Learn Smart Classroom at IMSG Upran Gohra, one of seventy-five implementations of […]

New Beginnings, Endless Possibilities

“I am truly grateful to be a part of the teacher training organized by the Jazz Smart Schools. As an educator, I found the sessions to be invaluable sources of encouragement, inspiration, and learning. The training sessions taught me to consciously shift my pedagogy from a traditional, teacher-centred, pencil and paper approach, to one that is interactive, and focused on creating a technology embedded, connected classroom”, said Sadaf Zareen. Sadaf Zareen is a 44-year-old teacher whose love for teaching led her to pursue a master’s degree in education. She has been teaching at IMSG, G-10/3 since the last 21 years. The school is housed in a beautiful building, located in an urban sector of Islamabad, where many public and private […]

The Education You Want, The Attention You Deserve

Sumaira Hameed is a 34-year-old teacher from a small rural town just outside Islamabad. Located about three miles northwest of Islamabad, Tarnol is a town of stone crushers and traders in heavy machinery. The work is manual, physical, mostly heavy labour, which means that education is a low priority amongst the residents. As a teacher in IMCG Bhadana Kalan, She has been struggling to overcome her students’ apathy towards education for 12 years. The girls from the area are conditioned at a young age to aim for a good marriage, so the drop-out rate in the school is high. If they remain in school, the girls either lack ambition or are completely uninspired by traditional education methods. Sumaira, whose love […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Pitching to Investors

Companies, like people, have visions and resolutions in place at the beginning of a new year. Like an individual trying to become healthier and happier, we too set new targets and think about achievable milestones and goals. This year, with the aid of a grant from Ilm Ideas 2, an education innovation programme funded by UK Aid from the Department for International Development, Knowledge Platform will be setting up digital learning centres in 200 low-cost private schools across Pakistan. These centres will be equipped with our blended learning solution—Learn Smart Classroom—that caters to middle and high school students. So how will we achieve the goal of implementing 200 low-cost private schools in 2018? On 4 January 2018, as the rest of […]

Government Officials from CADD and FDE praise the Jazz Smart Schools Programme

Islamabad, January 25, 2018 – On Thursday, January 25th 2018 officials from the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) visited IMCG G-10/1 in Islamabad. The visit took place so officials could witness Knowledge Platform’s blended learning solution which has been implemented in 75 all-girls public schools across Islamabad under the Jazz Smart Schools project. The solution, complete with hardware, curriculum-aligned content and clickers in 75 all-girls schools is now being used across Pakistan. Jazz, Pakistan’s largest telecommunications provider, is the Programme Sponsor and the  Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) are Programme Partners. The Director General of FDE, Hasnat Qureshi, was present for the solution demonstration. He was […]