LSP 3rd Annual Education Forum

Islamabad – On Wednesday May 17 2017 Knowledge Platform hosted the Learn Smart Pakistan 3rd Annual Education Forum to celebrate the successes and stories of Learn Smart Pakistan and to discuss the Future of Learning. The Forum was divided into 2 Sessions. Session I discussed and examined the Future of Learning especially in relation to the K-12 curriculum, and the role of digital learning in the Pakistani context. It brought together some of the leading authorities in Pakistan’s education sector including Mr. Yusuf Hussain (CEO National ICT R&D Fund), Mosharraf Zaidi (Campaign Director, Alif Ailaan), Judith Herbertson (Deputy Head, DFID Pakistan), Athar Osama (Ministry of Planning and Commission) and Baela Raza Jamil (CEO, Idara-e-Taleem o Aagahi). During Session I, a […]

Employee Spotlight: Muhammad Tayyab Asghar

  It takes weeks to get Muhammad Tayyab Asghar to sit down for an interview. Initially we chalk this up to a certain strain of modesty but when he finally consents to talking about himself it is immediately apparent why the delay occurred. Tayyab is quietly brilliant and genuinely focused on his work. He is, it is clear, not a man who gives his time to something unless he can give it his complete and utter focus. This is why he is the perfect fit for Technology Manager at Knowledge Platform, a designation that requires him to continuously develop and implement new products. He is also the one of the main people driving the development of Ultrabot 10, one of […]

KP’s Revision Tactics 101

We’ve all been there. So we know what it feels like. It feels like all eyes are you. Your parents are closely monitoring your TV and internet intake. Your teachers are telling you how important these exams are. Your friends are practically buried under a fort of course books. LSP suddenly has past papers. Everywhere you look, you’re bombarded with this message: You HAVE to do well in these exams. Well we’re here to help. These tips will show you how to make productive use of your time while also making sure you stay healthy and relatively relaxed. If you have some tips of your own, be sure to write to us on our LSP Facebook Community page. 1. Devise […]

A Day in the Life of a Class 10 Student

The Fall Challenge has now ended. However, we’re so pleased by the relationships we’ve built with participants through LSP that we wanted to continue on in the spirit of community discussion. This week, Class 10 Siddeeq Public School student and LSP 2015 and 2016 (Summer Challenge) winner Yusra Nadir walks us all through a ‘Day in her Life’, which includes TV, studying, sleeping and praying.  Thanks Yusra for this blog post!  CHILL, YOU GOT THIS By Yusra Nadir Teachers, students and the parents of students have been questioning me on my study routine, my time table and my memory technique etcetera for years. They always hit me with the same question on every parent teacher conference, every result day, every time […]

Employee Spotlight: Sajid Ali Anjum

The Games and Mobile Department sits in a wide, relatively high ceiling-ed room. Wadood Ahmad is at the far end facing the entrance to the room. To his left and right are the other team members. Often, a casual passer-by can see the team swiveling around on their chairs, animatedly talking to each other. Sometimes the Games and Mobile department is dead quiet as everyone works to meet deadlines. Sajid Ali Anjum, it is clear, is an integral part of the team. He has a palpably contagious energy and he seems to be always having fun. In fact you would be hard pressed to find a person more ready to have a laugh than Sajid. As Lead Game Developer, he brings a blend of […]

Learn Smart Pakistan Fall Challenge

Islamabad, August 30, 2016 – Knowledge Platform, under the umbrella of their Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP) 2016 Program launched its much anticipated Fall Challenge on September 5, 2016. Students and teachers can register at The Challenge is Pakistan’s only digital learning competition and will end on October 30, 2016. 35 Tablets and 20 gift hampers will be awarded to 9th and 10th Class students and teachers participating in the Fall Challenge. Separate prizes have been reserved for private and public school students in order to level disparities between private and public schools. About LSP: Learn Smart Pakistan 2016 is a year-long digital series of Challenges. The Summer Challenge was launched on May 18 2016 and ended on June 30 […]