Sumaira Hameed is a 34-year-old teacher from a small rural town just outside Islamabad. Located about three miles northwest of Islamabad, Tarnol is a town of stone crushers and traders in heavy machinery. The work is manual, physical, mostly heavy labour, which means that education is a low priority amongst the residents.

As a teacher in IMCG Bhadana Kalan, She has been struggling to overcome her students’ apathy towards education for 12 years. The girls from the area are conditioned at a young age to aim for a good marriage, so the drop-out rate in the school is high. If they remain in school, the girls either lack ambition or are completely uninspired by traditional education methods. Sumaira, whose love of teaching led her to a master’s degree in education, has faced the ground realities of Tarnol with mounting frustration. “The drop-out rate is high because families believe that girls should marry young,” she says. “And the girls that remain in school would rather daydream of their wedding day than focus on linear equations.”

In October 2017, Knowledge Platform rolled out Learn Smart Classroom at IMCG Bhadana Kalan, one of seventy-five implementations of the Jazz Smart Schools programme in Islamabad. Sumaira Hameed was one of the recipients of the Learn Smart Classroom training, and she’s been using the programme for over six months now.

“The effect of this technology is incredible,” she told Knowledge Platform. “I see a surprising change in the girls’ attitudes towards learning. They didn’t know before that learning could be so interesting. And using the animated video not only helps them understand the content, it has also sparked their creative thinking. I now have a student who wants to grow up and become a policewoman. That is so unusual for this region, and so positive!”

We have seen that when girls learn that they can make a difference, then they want to make a difference. Although the impact on learning levels will be more evident by the end of this programme, it has already impacted the hearts and minds of schools in Islamabad!


For more information about the Jazz Smart Schools program, see http://www.knowledgeplatform.com/press/jazz-smart-schools-program-launched-impart-quality-education/