Ultrabot V.9

Now in its 9th generation, the Ultrabot Learning Management System synthesizes our many years of experience in designing and building online communities, content management systems and learning management systems into a holistic learning approach. Our clients use Ultrabot to engage in both formal and informal learning activities, establish project-based groups focused on sharing learning and best practices, and deliver content to their colleagues and community members.

We provide Ultrabot on both a web-hosted and an installed basis, and engage in a continuous cycle of innovation and improvement to ensure effective and fulfilling learning experiences for our clients.



Built as a multi-tenanted SaaS Solution

Hosted on azure cloud for scalability and security

Scalable & Secure

Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud for availability and scalability. Available online through the cloud and offline through our in-classroom box

Ultrabot is secure

Support Program

Service level agreement with guarantee of easy access; technical support and user help included; security certifications and yearly audits

Curriculum & Courses

Curriculum-linked content and assessments. Trainers and learners can easily add, edit and navigate their courses.

Knowledge Platform Ultrabot LMS

Learner & Trainer Playlist

An interactive learning playlist that provides immediate feedback on course progress, allows learners to move at their own pace and can be customized to meet different learning objectives.

Knowledge Platform's Ultrabot Learner Playlist view

Adaptive & Classroom Assessment

A blended learning approach that integrates classroom assessment with the Ultrabot LMS. The assessment engine includes an adaptive, rule-based assessment algorithm for testing and learning gap analysis.

Knowledge Platform's Ultrabot LMS Adaptive Assessment

Proficiency Framework

Enables interactive classroom sessions with results tracked and reported into a proficiency framework that advances learners towards mastery of a skill.

Knowledge Platform's Proficiency Badges for Ultrabot LMS
Content Mapping in Knowledge Platform Ultrabot LMS

Taxonomy Mapping

A taxonomy map of mastery skills that helps trainers and learners improve each one incrementally

Learning Objects assessments, games, videos for sub master skill

Learning Objects

Videos, games, exercises and adaptive assessments for each discrete skill

Groups and wall for collaborative, informal learning

Groups & Sharing

Social networking features that enable trainers and learners to communicate, share, provide additional learning resources and collaborate with one another

performance and analytics of learning gaps for students

Performance & Analytics

In-depth analysis that tracks learners' progress throughout their course. Our detailed dashboard can help pinpoint learning gaps and bring learners back on track

Class sessions for trainers to easily manage

Session Manager

An easy to use dashboard for trainers to manage classes, courses and enrollment and to track performance

Lesson planning through wiki and surveys

Lesson Planning

Customize a lesson plan with wikis, surveys and other supporting modules

Development Services

  • Learning Content Management Systems
  • Community Learning Portals
  • Assessment Systems
  • Learning Authoring Tools
  • Survey and 360 Evaluation Systems
  • Product Sales and Compliance Process Management Systems
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Training and Education Simulations
  • Learning Games
  • Adaptive Learning Engines
  • Mobile Learning Applications
  • Online Learning Templates and SCORM/AICC wrappers
  • Integration of LMS with Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)
  • Integration of LMS with CRMS, SAP and Secure Intranet

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